Clients testimonials

Two weeks ago, a Sunday afternoon, my computer was not responding. I could not open any file. Since it was late Sunday Aftertnoon, I decided to go to Staples because they advertised a new repair department. I thought to myself, I am sure they can help me, this is a serious business and I knew they were open on Sunday night.

Once I got there, they told me that they had to do a data recovery for which they would charge me $99 and proceed with reparing my computer. They told me to come the next day.
When I went to fetch my computer, I checked what they had recover and to my horror, I realized that they had saved my short cuts but not my files. This meant four years of files lost which are part of my non profit organization which helps torture survivors from all over the world. I was extremely upset. They then said they were going to do me ” a favor” and try to recover the files. One week after, they had recover files but all were scrambled and unreadable. Each time, I went there, the staff was extremely rude.

I decided to go consult AL at PC Repairs, who I know for a long time, as he had repaired my computer so many times but I had not go to him that Sunday, assuming it was too late. As usual, Al greeted me with warmth and always treats everyone who comes in as a human being. He could not believe the incompetence of Staples and foremost that they were refusing to refund me the $250 they charged me.

Al told me to give him the computer and in less than twenty four hours, he was able to retrieve my entire files. It felt like a miracle!!!! I had a big smile on my face, and everyone who comes to him act like they are having a nervous breakdown but finish with a smile!

If there is one advise that I can give you, never bother to go to Staples for your computer…even if it is late Sunday….Wait the next day and go to PC repair. You will feel at home there and also you will receive competent services.

Maria Blacque-Belair

Name: Claire

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the level of service I received from this company. I brought in a laptop that was dying on me and Almir was kind enough to do a free diagnostic. Unfortunately the diagnosis was DOA 🙂

He recommended a new brand of laptop, helped me set it up, and loaded me with discounted programs. There was no pressure to his sale of an antivirus and he was polite and funny throughout the entire transaction.

I will definitely recommend TA PC Repair to friends, and will return there should I need assistance in the future.


Name : Vince

It is so great to deal with professional and courteous people. Service was fantastic and was left with renewed confidence in my computer’s working capabilities


Name: Robert

My options were to dish out a grand for a new computer or have an old one repaired for around a hundred. I am sure there are many in the same situation. I took my machine to TA pc repair were the problem was identified free of charge and i was given a quote for the needed repairs. I was treated fairly and honestly and most importantly now i have my laptop back at a great price. If you live in Astoria, I highly recommend u try the place.


Name: Chante

The hard drive on my Imac died and I thought I had lost everything! TA PC Repair saved me and recovered all of my data including the pictures of my baby daughter which were the most important thing. This is my second time using them for data recovery and I will use them again. Not to mention I tell all of my friends to come here too.

Thank you!


Name: Judy

Al was very professional .He answered all my computer questions and help me find the most efficient solution to fix my laptop. The laptop was fixed right away, and returned to me the very next day(even having come in 15 minutes before closing, the day before ).

When i came in the next day, he also explain how he fixed it and what i need to do to keep my laptop healthy.


Name: Raffaele

I came here thinking there was a problem with my laptop power supply and you showed to me that the problem was in fact the ac adapter. You recommended a good replacement and am going to try it. I am very grateful.


I ‘ll be back every time i need assistance with my laptop!


Name: Aimee

You saved my baby’s “1 st steps!”

Thank you!


Name: Yasim

Great service, very happy with your business. Fully informed and explained about process..

Thank you


Name: Anthony

Quick professional service. I was very happy with there service.

Thank you


Name: Stiven

Thanks for everything! Fixed my computer…


Name: Lauren

I was very satisfied very happy with the service. I will come back if i have any problems.

So glad that you guys are here. The service is very friendly.


Name: George

Thank you , best buy wont to over charge me and you guys  fixed almost for free.

Thank youuuu


Name: Suncer

I am very happy with my service.

Thank you..