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Customized Full Service, Gaming and High End Quality Trading Computers by TA PC REPAIR providing solutions for individuals and businesses.

Astoria, NY, September 6, 2016 / – TA PC Repair, -TA PC Repair brings advanced computer systems to Traders who are now able to purchase fully customized and cutting edge trading computers. The financial industry faces daunting business challenges regarding the need for improved performance and reliability in their computers and networks. With over 20 years of computing experience TA PC Repair’s owner, Almir Rudanovic (Al) understands the challenges that these businesses face and has found a solution to personalizing and building these trading computers.

The process is hassle free; and Almir is able to come to any location(out of the country/state) and install multiple screen’s as well as offer direct warranty and support so that the Trader only has to turn the power button to start the computer. A three-year warranty is guaranteed for all labor and parts(high end).

Almir has put his knowledge and passion at work in creating every one of his computers. As a child in the early 1980’s he began fixing televisions and had his first experience working with computers on a Comodore 64.

Today he owns TA PC Repair that proudly serves the community and the surrounding boroughs of Astoria. The store is open Monday – Saturday 9am – 6pm and Saturday from 9am – 3pm and can accommodate any one in need of computer assistance from fixing basic issues, installing and updating programs, full service customizing, setting up and building system’s in one’s place of business to creating customized gaming packages.

To learn more how TA PC Repair can help you: Please contact  (Al) at tel: 347-242-3895, email at info@besttradingcomputer.com or visit his website at www.besttradingcomputer.com.


Give us a call. We will answer all your questions and help you fix problems. And remember, If we can’t fix It, you don’t pay!!!