Mac & PC professional <span> Computer Repair</span> services in Astoria New York</span>We repair Microsoft Surface</span> for very affordably price!Let us build a <span>powerfull gaming  </span>computer for you!Mac & PC professional Screen Repair With Full 1 Year Warranty!

Mac & PC professional Computer Repair services in Astoria New York

With over 20 years of computing experience TA pc repair understands the challenges that these businesses face and has found a solution to personalizing ,repairing and building computers.We do both home computer repair and business computer repair services. Our computer repair technicians are certified and experienced.

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We repair Microsoft Surface for very affordably price!

The process is hassle free. A 2-years warranty is guaranteed for all labor and parts

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Let us build a powerfull gaming computer for you!

TA pc repair has put knowledge and passion at work in creating every one of his computers. We build computers with 100 % high end quality parts. Full 3 year warranty on labor and parts.

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Mac & PC professional Screen Repair With Full 1 Year Warranty!

Broken Screen Repair Cracked Screen – Cable Repair – Back-light Repair – Inverter Repair – Vertical Lines Repair – Horizontal Lines Repair – Horizontal Blocks Repair – Rainbow Color

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Mac and PC full Repair in Astoria Queens -Custom Build Gaming and Trading Computers With 3 years warranty!

TA pc repair found a solution to personalizing and building trading computers that proudly serves the community and the surrounding boroughs of Astoria.

The process is hassle free
and our Technician is able to come to any location(out of the country/state) and install multiple screen’s as well as offer direct warranty and support so that the Trader only has to press the power button to start the computer. A three-year warranty is guaranteed for all parts.

We provide our customers with the attentive service and honest pricing. We work hard to become your number one choice for computer repairs. We want you to think of us as your own personal IT.

We’re always one quick phone call away when you need us. In-home computer service:Virus removal, Spyware removal,Desktop PC repairs, Laptop PC repairs, Computer upgrades, Wireless networking, Routine maintenance, Data backup and more.

We service and repair most brands, makes and models of computers, notebooks, laptops (Compaq, DELL, HP, Gateway, Sony, IBM and Lenovo, eMachine, Acer, PowerSpec, Alienware etc.)

Custom build gaming PC in Astoria

TA PC Repair In Astoria

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TA PC Repair, -TA PC Repair brings advanced computer systems to Traders who are now able to purchase fully customized and cutting edge trading computers. The financial industry faces daunting business challenges regarding the need for improved performance and reliability in their computers and networks. With over 20 years of computing experience TA PC Repair’s...


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Two weeks ago, a Sunday afternoon, my computer was not responding. I could not open any file. Since it was late Sunday Aftertnoon, I decided to go to Staples because they advertised a new repair department. I thought to myself, I am sure they can help me, this is a serious business and I knew...

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We focus on top-notch customer service and quality. Astoria #1 Mac and PC Repair


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The store is open Monday – Saturday  and can accommodate any one in need of computer assistance from fixing basic issues, installing and updating programs, full service customizing, setting up and building system’s in one’s place of business to creating customized gaming packages.